I believe that engaging with ones community to build a better world is the highest possible calling. This page contains information on my attempts to accomplish that goal, from drafting amicus briefs on high-profile cases to working the polls so our nation's elections can run smoothly.

My work with CERN designing an autocalibration algorithm was my first real exposure to writing code that had a real and important purpose. I learned a number of important lessons for any software engineer - many of them the hard way - and I came out the other end a more experienced and competent developer. This page discusses the project in more detail.

As acting Chief Justice of the Central Student Judiciary, I lead the University of Michigan's highest student mediating body. In that capacity, I chair a body of diverse and talented Justices from across the University, and navigate an administrative system defined by power sharing between student organizations and administrative panels. I additionally serve as a relentless advocate for student self governance, and am proud to defend the rights of students to have a say in the creation and enforcement of campus policy.

I have long participated in Model UN, which I credit largely with where I am today. When I started high school, I was shy and reserved, hardly able to speak to anyone I didn't already know. Model UN gave me an outlet to express myself in a safe context; instead of being a terrified freshman, I was instead Germany or the Holy See. This allowed me to develop my skills of self expression, without which so many of my accomplishments would never have happened. Now, I give back by directing and facilitating Model UN committees, so that future students like me are afforded the same opportunities for self expression and personal growth.