Technical Coursework

University of Michigan

In the University of Michigan's competitive College of Engineering, I distinguish myself through the rigor of my coursework and the strength of my performance.

To date, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA while enrolled in multiple honors organizations on campus. For more coursework details, see the grid below, or visit specific course pages in the navigation bar.

This class covered a range of cybersecurity topics, and taught me basic vulnerability exploitation and mitigation. It was focused on the five subject areas, discussed more in depth on the page linked above.

This class covered the fundamentals of programming language design, and provided an in-depth view of modern programming paradigms.

This class covered the fundamentals of how computers work, from assembly code to memory management to what's actually happening on the hardware level that allows computation to take place.

This class covered a range of introductory computer science topics, from fundamental data structures to efficient algorithm design. It gave me a strong understanding that acts as a broad foundation for other classes.

This class covered the nature of the global energy market and its role in contributing to the climate crisis. It also served a survey of possible actions that could help mitigate or resolve the crisis, as well as the costs of each.

This class covered the fundamental mathematics behind computer science, and the concepts that underlie our notions of computability and efficiency.