Braden L Crimmins

BSE Computer Science 2022

International Minor for Engineers

Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program

About Me

I'm a third year student at the University of Michigan, with a computer science major and international minor. I've always been someone who enjoys building things, which is what drove me to computer science; it was a field where I could create something brand new without a decked out woodshop or expensive materials, all I needed was my laptop.

My driving interest right now lies at the intersection of science and public policy. I hope to earn my masters in computer science from the University of Michigan and proceed to law school after, so I can help create an informed and meaningful policy change that helps better the world. I believe that my experiences, documented thoroughly in this portfolio, offer me a blend of skills uniquely suited for this task.

Outside of academics, I love exploring new things and gaining new experiences. It's my hope to live a life where there's always something for me to discover, because that's what makes me happiest.

With a rigorous schedule and a perfect 4.0, my success in my coursework demonstrates my strong technical abilities. This page provides a brief profile of the notable classes I've taken.

A professional portfolio like this misses out on a lot of what makes me who I am. My hobbies and interests aren't super relevant to me as a candidate, they're just some fun things that might help you understand me better.

My efforts have earned a number of awards and honors. This page briefly profiles some of the more notable ones, and offers a description of why they're meaningful to me.