Honors and Awards

2019 Presidential Scholar

Every year, the US Department of Education selects one male and one female student from each state to be honored as a Presidential Scholar. Application is by invitation only, and potential honorees are evaluated for academic excellence, outstanding leadership, and community service activities. I was selected as one of Michigan's two scholars for 2019, and recognized at the national ceremony in DC that same year.

Member of Eta Kappa Nu Honors Society

Eta Kappa Nu is the honors society for the IEEE, the world's largest and most prominent professional organization for Computer Science. Admission to the University of Michigan's chapter is restricted to those who are in the top of their respective classes, and applicants are evaluated for character, attitude, and service to their community before they are formally inducted into the society.

Member of Tau Beta Pi Honors Society

Tau Beta Pi is the nation's preeminent engineering honors society. Only the top 1/8 of the University's engineering junior class is invited to apply, and applicants are evaluated for their integrity, service to their community, and exemplary character before they are formally inducted into the society.

Branstrom Prize Recipient

The University gives this award to freshman who are at in the top 5% of their class, recognizing their efforts to surpass expectations and distinguish themselves academically from even their highly skilled peers. As a student in Michigan's challenging College of Engineering, this award is even harder to achieve. This recognition reinforced the value of my efforts, and motivated me to continue achieving at the highest level possible.

National AP Scholar

For excellent performance on 15 AP exams, I was recognized as a National AP Scholar by the College Board in 2019. To me, this award matters because it reflects the effort I've always put into my education. I've always worked to challenge myself, rather than taking the easy route. In high school, that meant taking a rigorous schedule filled with APs, and self-studying for the ones my school didn't offer. This enabled me to enter the University of Michigan with 60 credits, an equivalent to transferring with Junior standing, and saved me tens of thousands of dollars in higher education costs.

Regents' Merit Scholarship Recipient

The Regents Merit Scholarship is issued to top high school graduates in Michigan every year, in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, scholarly promise, and potential contribution to the University community. I believe that I have lived up to this potential, and am proud of the work I have done to serve my community at the University of Michigan, which is why this award is meaningful to me.

BYA Youth Citizen Awardwinner

While this award is little known outside my immediate community, it's one of the most valuable to me. As a two time honoree of the BYA Youth Citizen Award, I'm incredibly proud to have contributed to my local community in a way that was worthy of such recognition.

Recipients of this award are secretly nominated by community leaders, who fill out applications on their behalf. From there, the number is narrowed down to a slate of finalists, and a panel of educators make the final determination of who to honor. Students aren't even informed they've been nominated until they've been selected as one of the year's honorees.

The surprise and gratitude I experienced when I unexpectedly received this award is not a feeling I'll soon forget, and it helped me realize that my service to my community was noticed and valued by others. It motivated me to continue achieving, and to continue giving back. I'm proud to count it among my awards.

Dean's List, University Honors

The University of Michigan recognizes successful students every year with two main awards, University Honors and the Dean's List. For each year I've been at the University, I've earned both awards.